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Carnival of Shadows

For Your Enjoyment

This was a huge production back in 2019 in which I performed by acting and playing saxophone. 

Curious to find out more? Get in touch with me to learn about upcoming performances.



A Showcase You Won’t Forget

Out of all of my shows, nothing brings the “wow” factor!! quite like the Amplify Showcase. You can count on me to perform a well rehearsed performance that will leave you speechless.

This was my latest show thanks to a scholarship Ive been granted which enabled me to work the best in the industry from a well know company.


Open Mic Nights

Get The Show Started

I'm a regular at open mic nights around Melbourne. If you want to see me perform you can come to one of my open mic nights - just let me know


 Rising Festival 2022

Parade by the Moon

This was a great opportunity to perform in the rising festival.  I was in costume parading up and down the golden square car park with other members playing saxophone.  

I have learnt so much and grateful for the opportunity. 

Cant wait to do it again

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